Is it humanly possible to memorise
the entire IKEA Catalogue?

Ask Yanjaa

Watch how we made the 2018 Catalogue famous.

Case Study Film

This is Amazing.

How it all started.

We tested the IKEA Human Catalogue with the experts.
Watch the test film here.

The build-it-yourself furniture
gods are most certainly smiling.

Live Event

Facebook Live Test

To prove to the world, she's the real deal,
we put the IKEA Human Catalogue in front of a LIVE audience on Facebook.

You really have to
see it to believe it.

Improve your memory in
4 minutes.

Our IKEA Human Catalogue shares her mind palace techniques.
Grab an IKEA Catalogue and try it for yourself.

Try and memorise these pages for yourself.

There’s loving IKEA
and there’s this!

that Girl?

Born in Mongolia, raised in Sweden, educated in Kenya and now living in Texas, our walking, talking Human Catalogue is as culturally versatile as IKEA’s furniture. Know more about the colourful personality behind the incredible mind.